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The Beautification of Paul Quinn College Cafeteria

Updated: Mar 10, 2018

Leaving a Legacy: The Mural at Paul Quinn College

One of the most exciting accomplishments of my career as an artist was to see the campus of my dear old alma mata improve. The campus has been changing in so many ways. The first (of many great changes to come) was the addition of one of the hardest working presidents I have yet to see, President Michael Sorrell. Through his vision great things have been happening.

Upgrading the cafeteria has given me great joy. Painting the mural, "Leaving A Legacy," has given me an opportunity to follow the "Four Laws of Quinnite Leadership."

1. Leave places Better than you found them.

The pictures beautify and add color to our cafeteria.

2. Lead from where you are.

As an artist and mother of 4, I was not in the financial position to donate large sums of money to my school. But what I did have was a gift that I could share with not only the students of Paul Quinn, but also all who enter that room. The legacy of leadership is emblazoned upon the walls of the cafeteria, encouraging those who enter to become the next runners in time.

3. Live a life that matters.

Does it matter what the campus looks like? I say YES! So what can you do to make the places you dwell better because you were there?

Ask how can I help.

Does it matter that we give back to the organization that once fostered our growth.

Ask how can I give back.

Does it matter that I become the catalyst for change, leading by example?

Ask how can I bring about change.

4. Love something greater than yourself!

Because of my love for our school, for our community, for our city, our history, and our future generations, I did something about it. I left a Legacy for all to see.

I hope it inspires you to greatness, one step at a time.

YOLANDA BURTON, fine artist

Paul Quinn College ALUMNI 1994,

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