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Yolanda Burton is a multidisciplinary artist, based in Dallas, Texas whose themes explore the human condition in all its beautiful frailty.  As a self-taught visual artist, poet, playwright, and singer/songwriter, her 2D focus on drawing and painting gradually evolved to include multi-media, sculptural, and experimental expressive works.  Movement is a key concept in many of her works of art.  Her expression of spiritual release is fundamental to her manifested visions. Many of the concepts found in her artwork are influenced by the Baroque and Romantic eras as well as inspirations from her life and experiences as a 21st century African American woman.


“I have always found the human condition intriguing.  We are fluid and have branches.  Using our branches, we continue to move throughout the gift of life.  Just like a tree, or a river, our existence is intricately woven together by the Master Creator. I am an apprentice of the Creator, creating concepts connected to that which makes us uniquely human.  Our mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, philosophical, and societal make up are all individual parts that uniquely form our distinct beings.  My artworks embody the observations and consequences of humanity; the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

I am particularly drawn to the feminine perspective.  My works are explorations through the lens of my personal life, learning, experiences, and history.  A part of these explorations includes the illusion of freedom.  Expressing freedom, I choose to allow chance and intention to playfully interactively withing my works.”

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