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Yolanda Burton

Yolanda Burton is an American artist, based in Dallas, Texas whose themes explore nature, the beauty and frailty of life, and concepts inspired by humanity and its conditions.  As a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, she combines her love for both 2D and 3D media in her sculptural works and paintings while exploring texture, fluidity, movement, media boundaries and limitations.  


“I have always found the human condition intriguing.  We are fluid and our lives have branches.  Just like a tree, or a river, our existence is intricately woven together by the Master Creator. I am an apprentice of the Creator, creating concepts connected to that which makes us uniquely human.  Our mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, philosophical, and societal make up are all individual parts that uniquely form our distinct beings.  My artwork embodies my observations on the joys and consequences of humanity; the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

I am particularly drawn to the feminine perspective.  Through the lens of my personal life, heritage, history, and experiences I envision, then bring the textures and movements of my visions forward.  In my research, musical and literary works,  artistic exploration and play the illusions of freedom have become a recurrent theme.  Attempting to grasp this illusion, I  allow chance and intentionality to playfully interact within my expressive works."

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