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Let Us Teach!

Constant threats to the public education system exist in our nation. Currently Texas is trying to figure out what to do with an impending multi-million dollar deficit. I teach in this system. This is not nearly all that I do, but my heart hurts for the children of our nation.  Adults sometime forget the importance of the formative years of a child's education. Can we overcrowd the classrooms simply to save a dollar? Is it that important that we run on a campaign of "No new taxes" or "reduction in spending"? I ask my legislators to please take the time to walk the halls of our urban city schools. Take the time to sit and observe the classrooms and then recall, if you can, your own school days. Unfortunately, we forget...and leave meager morsels for educators to live on, work with, and empower our next generation.

I personally understand both sides of the fence regarding support for public schools and funding. However, having the wonderful blessing of being able to work with some of the best and brightest minds, I realize that it will take much more to reach our students than mere pennies. In this world of fast paced, animated, tickle me and expose me to too much media, adults are setting a very dangerous stage that our children must stand on. We must work together so that it doesn't come crashing down to bury the intellect of our next generation.

First and foremost, we need the ability to truly teach our students. That doesn't compute to more time in the classroom instead of resting the children's minds. It means we should focus on national standards that emphasize not only "rigor" but building blocks that provide a solid core from a preschool foundation. Bridge this learning with art, technology, lots of play.  This proves paramount both in current studies as well as those from the earliest foundation. We must hold our elementary schools more highly accountable for educating our students in the basics (reading, writing, fundamental math, spelling, and penmanship)  These should start in our preschools. National Standards must be utilized in testing as well. And National Funding should be standardized as it relates to state size with an accountability system in place for all states.

With all this educational focus in the media, in our school, and in our minds...I penned a creative writing entitled "LET US TEACH"...quite often it seems that leaders who have never spent time in a classroom, mess up and make matters so much worse when they are attempting to fix a problem. I say....Let Us Teach and give us the tools by which our nations future leaders develop strong minds, bodies, and spirits.

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